Novel Molecular Structure Descriptors - Theory and Applications I
Ivan Gutman (Editor), University of Kragujevac, Kragujevac, Serbia
Boris Furtula (Editor), University of Kragujevac, Kragujevac, Serbia

University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Science, Kragujevac
ISBN: 978-86-81829-98-1, 239 pages, 2010

I. Gutman, B. Furtula: Preface, pp. 1-2
E. Estrada, N. Hatano: Topological Atomic Displacement and Resistance Distance in Molecules, pp. 3-20
M. Dehmer, A. Graber: Recent Developments on Information–theoretic Descriptors to Analyze Networks, pp. 21-38
L. Pogliani: Novel Molecular Connectivity Indices: Pseudoconnectivity, Dual, cis-trans Indices and Indices Based on a New Valence Delta, pp. 39-72
R. Todeschini, D. Ballabio, V. Consonni: Novel Molecular Descriptors Based on Functions of New Vertex Degrees, pp. 73-100
B. Lucic, S. Nikolic, N. Trinajstic, B. Zhou, S. Ivanis Turk: Sum-connectivity Index, pp. 101-136
B. Furtula, I. Gutman: Geometric-arithmetic Indices, pp. 137-172
I. Gutman, B. Furtula: A Survey on Terminal Wiener Index, pp. 173-190
M. V. Diudea: Counting Polynomials in Partial Cubes, pp. 191-215
A. Ilic, M. V. Diudea, F. Gholami-Nezhaad, A. R. Ashrafi: Topological Indices in Nanocones, pp. 217-226
B. Liu, Z. You: A Survey on Comparing Zagreb Indices, pp. 227-239 .

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