Distance in Molecular Graph - Theory
Ivan Gutman (Editor), University of Kragujevac, Serbia
Boris Furtula (Editor), University of Kragujevac, Serbia

MCM, Kragujevac, 348 Pages, 2012
ISBN: 978-86-6009-012-8

I. Gutman, B. Furtula: Preface, pp. 1-2
P. Dankelmann, S. Mukwembi: The Distance Concept and Distance in Graphs, pp. 3-48
I. Gutman, Y. Zhang, M. Dehmer, A. Ilic: Altenburg, Wiener, and Hosoya Polynomials, pp. 49-70
M. Ghorbani: Computing Wiener Index of Chemical Compounds by Cut Method, pp. 71-83
A. A. Dobrynin, L. S. Mel'nikov: Wiener Index of Line Graphs, pp. 85-121
M. Dehmer, L. Sivakumar, K. Varmuza: On Distance-Based Entropy Measures, pp. 123-138
D. Stevanovic, A. Ilic: Spectral Properties of Distance Matrix of Graphs, pp. 139-176
P. Sparl, J. Zerovnik: Graphs Extremal w.r.t. Distance-Based Topological Indices, pp. 177-194
N. S. Schmuck, S. G. Wagner, H. Wang: Greedy Trees, Caterpillars, and Wiener-Type Graph Invariants, pp. 195-214
M. Mogharrab: Topological Indices of Graphs Based on Eccentricity of Vertices, pp. 215-222
A. R. Ashrafi, H. Shabani: Exact Formulas for the Wiener Index of Graph Operations, pp. 223-230
B. Liu, M. Liu: Some Recent Results on the Variable Wiener Index of Graphs, pp. 231-282
B. Zhou: Reciprocal Complementary Wiener Index, pp 283-292
T. Mansour, M. Schork: Topological Indices: Bridge and Chain Graphs, pp. 293-348

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