Distance in Molecular Graph - Applications
Ivan Gutman (Editor), University of Kragujevac, Serbia
Boris Furtula (Editor), University of Kragujevac, Serbia

MCM, Kragujevac, 252 Pages, 2012
ISBN: 978-86-6009-015-9

I. Gutman, B. Furtula: Preface, pp. 1-2
B. Lucic, I. Sovic, D. Plavsic, N. Trinajstic: Harary Matrices: Definitions, Properties and Applications, pp. 3-26
M. V. Diudea, M. Medeleanu: Hosoya vs Wiener Polynomials, pp. 27-54
H. Dureja, A. K. Madan: Pendenticity Based Descriptors for QSAR/QSPR, pp. 55-80
L. Turker, S. Gumus: Turker and Turker-Gumus Indices, pp. 81-134
A. Iranmanesh, A. R. Ashrafi, A. Graovac, F. Cataldo, O. Ori: Wiener Index Role in Topological Modeling of Hexagonal Systems - From Fullerenes to Graphene, pp. 135-155
M. Ghorbani, A. R. Ashrafi, S. Yousefi: Wiener Index of Nanotubes and Nanotori, pp. 157-166
A. Iranmanesh: PI and Co-PI Index of Some Nanotubes, pp. 167-224
A. K. Madan, R. Dutt: Role of Distance-Sum-Based Molecular Descriptors in Drug Discovery Process, pp. 225-252

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