Welcome to moleculardescriptors.eu
The moleculardescriptors.eu website is dedicated to all the scientists who propose new molecular descriptors and/or apply molecular descriptors in scientific research.

The aim of this website is to collect the information related to the molecular descriptors, thus helping researchers in their daily work. Software, books, journals, links, events and news are collected in a synthetic way to allow a quick and easy consultation.

Without any doubt, in these last years molecular descriptors have become the explanation key of the researches in QSAR/QSPR, toxicology, pharmacology, environmental problems, analytical chemistry, food chemistry, material science, etc.

Single researcher groups and companies as well as publishers are invited to provide information about new software releases, new molecular descriptors, new books and journals. A room is also reserved for advertising.

Roberto Todeschini, Viviana Consonni, Davide Ballabio, Andrea Mauri, Alberto Manganaro and Matteo Cassotti
Milano Chemometrics & QSAR Research Group